03-03-2018 3:00 am - 04-03-2018
Handlebar Haven
Handlebar Haven
Wide Bay Highway Kilkivan, Qld 4600 Australia

Aaron's Kearns Fundraiser

Where Handlebar Haven, Kilkivan, South East Queensland
(Private Property)
When 3rd and 4th March, 2018
Cost $35 entry .. this includes dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning
BYO Camping gear, torch, munchies, your own food if you'd prefer
Extra cash for raffles & other surprises we have, we'll help you empty your wallet for Aaron !
Random info Kilkivan has 3 cafes, fuel & the Kilkivan Hotel which has pub rooms & a small motel if you're not into camping
This is an off grid property, please use bins & ashtrays
Food Included in the $35 donation entry, you'll receive dinner Saturday night & a cooked breakfast Sunday morning, making it a pretty cheap weekend

Wish list for Aaron ...

At the VERY LEAST, a manual portable take along hoist lift (manually lifts person from wheelchair into vehicle) for him to be able to access most vehicles, OR ...
A second hand van without a lift system, then fundraise for the lift to be installed, or ...
A van, second hand or new with a lift system already installed ... THIS IS THE TARGET IF POSSIBLE.

Should there be any money left over, it will be given to Aaron to help cover registration, tyres, servicing etc of the vehicle.

There is a possibility that Aaron may in the meantime, be able to get other assistance as well towards a lift or vehicle. If this is the case then money raised at the fundraiser & any raffles etc, will then go towards anything else he needs to make his life a whole lot easier.

A bit about Aaron ........

Brisbane based Aaron Kearns is 34 years old. He was a fit, popular young sportsman until ten years ago. April 2007 was when his life changed forever after a rugby match he was playing in went horribly wrong. Aaron, playing wing for his team, Northside Brisbane Natives, was running with the ball, unfortunately, he ducked his head as he ran towards the defenders which broke his neck at C4 & C5 with spinal cord compression. He is for all intents and purposes, a quadraplegic though has some use of his shoulders and elbows plus he is able to push himself in a manual wheelchair using the insides of his wrists.

Aaron then spent 10 months in the Princess Alexandra Spinal Unit in Brisbane, hoping all the while that he would be lucky enough to regain enough movement to be able to drive a modified car but this wasn't to be. Finally released from the Spinal Unit, he decided to live independently, with daily help & support from his family and a team of carers.

He is the very proud Dad of Rylee, only 18 months old at the time he was injured, she's now 13 years old & living with her mum over 30 klms away. The thing he most wants, is to be able to attend her sportsdays, special school days, her birthday celebrations & any other important events she has in her life. He also has Brianna, 14 years old, Aaron's been Dad to Brianna since she was 3 months old & wants dearly to spend as much time with her too.

At the moment he is more or less house bound as he does not have the appropriate wheelchair lift to be able to access any vehicle. He has on occasions used the disability taxi's but the cost for such distance is prohibitive on a regular basis, even with subsidised cab fares.

Aaron received a pay out after his accident, this was supposed to be enough to support himself for a period of 6 years, remembering the injury was 10 years ago. A large amount of that was chewed up initially on setting his house up with his special needs in mind, medical equipment, furniture & bathroom facilities etc, the list goes on ... and of course there's daily living expenses and supporting his daughters.

Over the last 10 years the rest has slowly been used including his decision to buy a vehicle soon after his accident. He had hoped that after the modifications were done, he'd be able to drive again, regaining some of his independence, unfortunately, he was unable to cope with driving it and so it was sold. Picture yourself at that age, 24 years old, he would've tried his heart out to drive that car but sadly he couldn't.

So this fundraising effort is purely for any of the three top options or towards any other needs he has ... the manual lift for him to be able to access other people's vehicles, a van without a lift or, best option, a van with a lift already installed. This would change his life for the better, give him the opportunity to be there for his daughters much more, obviously this would be a huge bonus for both girls too. It will of course also give him the option to get out of the house more, attend family functions, go shopping, see a movie ... all those things the rest of us take for granted.

It should be noted that carer's are not able to take their clients in their own vehicles, this is why the best option is for a van with lift, though at least if he has a manual lift chair, he'll be able to access his family's vehicles.